Made in Switzerland

Designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland

Distalmotion stands for and invests in reliable engineering at the technological frontier – technologies developed, engineered and manufactured by leading researchers, designers and assorted specialists in Switzerland. Dexter combines the precision of robotic surgery with the reliability of Swiss engineering.

Based in Switzerland, Distalmotion has immediate access to best-in-class innovation, talent and the highest quality standards in manufacturing and engineering. This quality guarantee is specifically relevant for
medical devices – where patients matter most.

Our story

Distalmotion is an international company founded and based in Lausanne, Switzerland that serves as a trusted partner to hospitals and clinics worldwide by providing reliable and precise robotic surgery systems – designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland – at transparent and fair per-procedure cost.

Distalmotion was founded in 2013 as a spin-off from the Robotics Lab of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the complexity out of robotic surgery in order to fast track its widespread adoption in minimally invasive care.

To do so, we have developed a surgical robot called Dexter that integrates seamlessly and without compromise into existing laparoscopic procedures. Dexter brings sought-after simplicity and versatility to the market for minimally invasive care.

Our vision

Our vision is to establish a new, global standard of care, one that allows everyone to access the benefits of robotic surgery.

Management team

An experienced leadership team with a proven industry track record

Michael Friedrich
  • Michael Friedrich

  • CEO
  • Former Founder and CEO of Aïmago (sold to Novadaq in 2014 for $12m). At Aïmago, Michael converted an early-stage technology to a FDA cleared / CE marked product with initial sales in Europe. Michael and most Aïmago investors have reinvested in Distalmotion.

Dr. Matthias Reif
  • Dr. Matthias Reif

  • Head of Sales and Marketing
  • Former Head of EMEA at Novadaq (sold to Stryker in 2017 for $701m) where he built the EMEA market and channels for fluorescent endoscopy systems. Previously at Olympus, for whom he worked in the German and US market. Matthias can draw on an extensive network of industry experts and thought leaders.

Alexandre Berthoud
  • Alexandre Berthoud

  • Head of Supply Chain and Operations
  • Former COO at Biosafe (sold to GE Healthcare in 2016) where he built the company’s supply chain. Previously at Panalpina as Head of Operations based in Shanghai, China. Alex brings 20 years of experience in operations and supply chain to the table and has a track record of facilitating fast growth environments and scaling businesses.


Media & Downloads

Find digital assets including imagery as well as all press releases, our media kit, product brochure and Q&A document for download at the link below.


Distalmotion is out to establish a new – robotic – standard in minimally invasive care. This requires building an extraordinary team that is grounded in a firm set of values and embraces a vibrant team spirit. Ultimately, Dexter is as innovative and versatile as the team that builds, services and markets the robot.

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