Distalmotion and NBA Medica Announce Partnership

Dexter® is coming to Italy. Together with NBA Medica we plan to make robotics more accessible, user-friendly and versatile for Italian surgeons in the fields of general surgery, gynecology and urology.

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Distalmotion and NBA Medica Announce Partnership

Left to right: Cristiano Fontana, Head of Business Development at NBA Medica and Marco Sesenna, CEO NBA Medica, in Lausanne at Distalmotion HQ with Dexter. ©Distalmotion

Distalmotion has partnered with NBA Medica to unbox robotic surgeons in Italy and bring them back into the sterile field where they have direct access to their patient and all their preferred surgical tools. As part of an exclusive regional distributor mandate NBA Medica will make Dexter®, the world’s first and only on-demand robotic surgery system, available to Italian healthcare providers.

Dexter’s novel approach to robotic surgery integrates proven laparoscopic workflows into the robotic setup, always giving surgeons access to the best of both worlds –robotics and laparoscopy. This user-centric approach reduces complexity, and thereby delivers a new level of versatility as well as cost-efficiency that enables hospitals to scale robotics programs across specialties and operating rooms.

Marco Sesenna, CEO of NBA Medica comments: “Dexter addresses real-world challenges that healthcare systems and institutions face today. We are excited to partner with Distalmotion to deliver the powerful value proposition of on-demand robotics to surgeons, OR teams and patients in Italy.”

Cristiano Fontana, Head of Business Development at NBA Medica adds: “Dexter’s approach to robotic surgery is a gamechanger – also in Italy. The on-demand approach to robotics is a major innovation and unique, not only because Dexter is the only robotics platform to offer the benefits of this approach, but also because it is a major innovation that comes without disruption of existing workflows.”

Dexter’s on-demand mindset gives surgeons the ultimate freedom of choice and total control of the OR. Meanwhile, Dexter’s open platform approach protects existing infrastructure and tech stack investments. Furthermore, Dexter’s versatility and low footprint mean that an on-demand robotics program can be sustainably scaled across departments and ORs.

Michael Friedrich, CEO of Distalmotion says: “Dexter is the surgeon’s robot and a favorite in hospital procurement departments because his on-demand approach makes soft tissue robotics clinically versatile and economically scalable. Before Dexter, lacking adaptability and cost-efficiency hindered the widespread adoption of robotics. By overcoming these barriers of traditional robotics, Dexter can help establish a new standard of care for patients in general surgery, gynecology and urology. We are therefore delighted to announce that we have found optimal partners to fast-track the widespread adoption of on-demand robotics in Italy. Together with NBA Medica, we hope to contribute to making surgeons’ lives easier and patients’ lives better.”

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