Made in Switzerland

Why is Distalmotion based in Switzerland?

Switzerland is recognized for its world class precision and high technology products. Many of the global medical device companies have research and manufacturing facilities in Switzerland.

The reason is simple: access to the best-in-class innovation and highest manufacturing quality. This is specifically relevant for medical devices – where patients matter most.


Invented at the EPFL in Lausanne, the DistalMotion technology combines the affordability of laparoscopy with the benefits of robotic solutions. Distalmotion is a spin-off from the Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO) Group headed by Prof. Hannes Bleuler, which continuously gives us to access latest innovations and know-how in robotic technology.

We combine the innovativeness of Swiss research with the production precision and quality in Switzerland, to commercialize a truly Swiss surgical robot dexter.



  • Allow hospitals to do more Minimal Invasive care
  • Enable Surgeons to access robotic surgery
  • Provide Affordable Innovation
  • Create an appealing workspace in a dynamic team with disruptive robotic technology



Distalmotion is lead by an experienced team who have been involved in building start-ups before.

Media & Downloads

For Media support please reach out to us directly. We are pleased to support PR and media activities.

Human Ressources

DistalMotion is a Swiss medical device venture and developer of the dexter surgical robot.

Our ambition is to democratize robotic surgery: We bring the true benefits of robotics, dexterity, precision and ergonomics to every laparoscopic surgery – in a smart, small and affordable format.

Current job offerings

We are a young company with a growing team and there will continuously be great career opportunities. Feel free to reach out to us any time, also when no position is posted.