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Distalmotion: Disrupting Robotics

Michael Friedrich, Distalmotion CEO, caught up with David Cassak from the MedTech Strategist, for an introduction to Distalmotion’s approach to disrupting robotics.

In this conversation, Michael Friedrich explains how Dexter joins robotics and traditional laparoscopic technology in one platform to make robotic surgery simpler and more affordable, thereby rendering it available to a larger population of surgeons and more operating rooms around the globe. He also covers the work Distalmotion is conducting to design a next generation of surgical robots focusing only on those parts of the robotic value proposition that are clinically relevant and superior, cutting out everything else.

The article describes how Dexter allows the surgeon to remain sterile and, within 20 seconds, switch from standing in the laparoscopy mode to robotics, using Dexter to perform difficult tasks like suturing and dissection. For added support Dexter also features a third arm to hold and control the endoscope, further aiding the surgeon and his/her team to focus on the procedure.

In this interview, Michael finally outlines how Dexter drastically reduces the cost per surgery, compared to full robotic systems, with the system itself being about one-third the cost of most fully robotic systems, while its open platform is designed to leverage and incorporate technologies currently in use in a hospital’s operating room, thus protecting the hospital’s existing investments.

Key insights also include the recent CE Mark of Dexter and his readiness for clinical use in the OR.

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Distalmotion: Disrupting Robotics