“What is Dexter’s addressable market? Why? And what size is it?”

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Michael Friedrich got to discuss pressing and curious questions with the Handelszeitung. Fun and curious questions included: “If Distalmotion were music, what music would you be?” or “Who is your role model?”. Michael also shared insights into Distalmotion’s approach to robotic surgery, Dexter’s design, and distinct value-adding benefits, as well as an outlook into the future for the team, Dexter, and the industry as a whole.


Captured in a podcast, video, and editorial format, find the full interview-series discussing Dexter’s addressable market and how Dexter can empower surgeons to prolong their careers and leverage robotic assistance under tariff here (in German): https://www.handelszeitung.ch/podcasts/upbeat/dieser-grunder-entwickelt-einen-roboter-fur-operationen


PSA: in response to the question “Who is your role model?”, Michael answers “In late June 2020, the most appropriate answer to this question would have to be that all people who wear face-masks are role models.”