How Dexter Works

Dexter's elegant and simple design, small format, and instinctive interface, makes robotics easy to use and more accessible to adopt.

Surgeon Console
Sterile Console with Optimized Ergonomics

The surgeon console is optimized for ergonomic use and optimal comfort — the surgeon can choose to sit or stand based on preference. 

At the console, you can achieve maximum articulation, precision and control by clutching on your hand position, and micro-clutching on the rotation of your hands. This restores natural dexterity and hand control, facilitating precise rotations even at extreme angles.

Modular Patient Carts
Designed to Enable Direct Patient Access

Dexter's small and modular patient carts are designed to fit easily around the operating table. An instinctive user interface with straightforward controls allows Dexter to be setup and ready to use within minutes.

At the touch of a button, Dexter easily allows surgeons to operate using their preferred approach - either fully or partially robotic, with quick patient access from the sterile surgeon console.

Endoscope Control Arm
Best-In-Class Imaging Compatibility

Dexter’s integrated robotic endoscope holder is compatible with all 5-10mm endoscopes, including the latest 3D 4K imaging systems. 

The endoscope arm can be mounted on a cart or to the operating table. 

Fully Wristed Single Use Instruments
Ultimate Precision, Dexterity and Control

With fully wristed single use instruments, Dexter provides you with ultimate precision, dexterity and control whilst operating, maintaining high-quality and reliable instrument performance.

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