Dexter for Hospitals

Empowering hospitals to give patients the best minimally invasive care.

We believe in giving patients access to the best treatment options whilst maintaining hospital efficiency and cost effectiveness. We developed Dexter to bring the benefits of robotic surgery to all hospitals.

Accessible in any Site of Care

Dexter seamlessly integrates into any operating room, compatible with all existing OR equipment requiring no additional infrastructure and protecting existing investments.

Its portability allows you to move Dexter across operating rooms driving hospital efficiency.

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Removing the Complexity of Robotics

Dexter has been designed to enable effortless integration to your practice. 

With its simple design, instinctive interface, and straightforward controls, Dexter can be setup and ready to use in minutes.

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Flexible and Cost-Effective Financial Solutions

We provide a variety of tailored, cost-effective and flexible financing options ensuring the benefits of robotic surgery are more economically accessible than ever.

Training and Education

Dexter Academy

The Dexter Academy delivers a state-of-the-art training curriculum for surgeons and surgical teams to reach Dexter proficiency. 

The streamlined training program equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the best care to their patients.

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Customer Service

Ongoing Service and Support

We aim to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction to all our customers. 

Our expert clinical specialists provide case support in every procedure alongside your surgical team as they progress up the learning curve, ensuring real-time advice and seamless integration of Dexter into your hospital practice and workflows.

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