On-Demand Robotics With Dexter

Giving Surgeons Access to the Benefits of Robotic Surgery

On-demand robotics provides surgeons with ultimate choice and control to treat patients with best-in-class minimally invasive care. 

Designed to Optimize How you Perform Minimally Invasive Surgery

Choosing the optimal combination of technique, tools and technology, whilst maintaining access to the patient and set up of the operating room, gives surgeons ultimate control of patient treatment. 

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Dexter robot 1
Use On-Demand Robotics For Complex and Simple Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Dexter can be used across a broad range of indications in upper and lower gastrointestinal surgery, general surgery, gynecology, and urology.

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Providing advanced dexterity for the most complex surgical steps

Access the Benefits of Robotic Surgery

We believe in the importance of accessing the best treatment options whilst maintaining efficiency and cost effectiveness. With this in mind, we developed Dexter, bringing the benefits of robotics to all hospitals.

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Delivering Excellence

We at Distalmotion aim to deliver the benefits of robotic surgery to more surgeons, more hospitals, and more patients globally, establishing a new standard of care.

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