Our purpose

A new standard of care

Our mission is to remove the complexity out of robotic surgery in order to establish a new standard of care, where all patients in general surgery, gynecology and urology have access to best-in-class minimally invasive care.

The integration of robotics into laparoscopy

Designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, Dexter is the only on-demand robotics solution in the market for minimally invasive care. Dexter integrates the best of both worlds – laparoscopy and robotics.

Making sense of robotic surgery

Designed and developed in close collaboration with surgeons, Dexter makes robotics accessible for a wider repertoire of procedures.





Dexter integrates seamlessly into existing laparoscopic workflows, delivering precision and instrument articulation through robotic aid, while also offering sought-after simplicity and versatility that empowers surgeons to choose freely and switch readily between robotics and laparoscopy. An open console allows surgeons to communicate conveniently with their operating room teams, reducing cognitive and affective distance between teams; bringing surgeons back, closer to their patients and OR teams. Moreover, optimised ergonomics contribute to elongating surgeons’ careers.

OR Team

Dexter systematically reduces the complexity in robotic surgery in order to make surgical robots more versatile and straight forward to handle; integrating seamlessly into familiar laparoscopic setups and alleviating unnecessary pressures posed on OR teams with shortened learning curves and user-friendly maintenance requirements. Dexter’s open console and platform design empowers OR teams to work more collaboratively, reducing cognitive and affective distance, and bringing surgeons and their teams together, closer to the patient.

Healthcare Institutions

Distalmotion makes sense of robotic surgery by providing technology that is purpose led and functional by design. Dexter makes surgical robotics accessible to all budgets and needs, enabling surgeons to leverage the benefits of robotic aid under tariff. Lean product design reduces complexity and ultimately leads to significant overall cost reduction. Dexter is available via an innovative, pay-per-use rental model that foregoes large lump sum investment costs. The combination of innovative design, versatility and progressive pricing will often allow for more than one robot per department, and allows a wider repertoire of procedures to benefit from robotic aid.


Dexter combines state of the art robotic technology with precise Swiss engineering to bring together the best of the laparoscopic and robotic world in order to produce optimal outcomes for patients. Distalmotion is an international company founded and based in Switzerland that serves as a trusted partner to hospitals and clinics worldwide, and is out to establish robotics as the new, global standard for minimally invasive care. Designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, Dexter makes robotics accessible to a wider repertoire of procedures, and empowers surgeons to leverage the preferred tools and optimal aid for every step of a procedure.

Biomedical Engineers

Distalmotion makes sense of robotic surgery by making surgical robots more versatile and enabling seamless integration with existing systems and processes, while also providing rapid, reliable and around-the-clock service. Dexter’s open platform approach ensures the system is compatible with all current and future adjacent, supporting systems and instruments. Dexter-users also trust and relish Distalmotion’s commitment to unwavering consulting, troubleshooting and maintenance services throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Our Team

Dexter stands for a paradigm shift in robotic surgery whereby the technological frontier in surgical robotics is made to fit and serve all needs. Founded and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Distalmotion stands for reliable Swiss engineering and the forefront of innovation in the field of robotics. Dexter is developed and manufactured by a team of leading researchers, designers, and engineers in Switzerland. The team behind Dexter is as innovative and versatile as the robot itself, grounded in a firm set of values and thriving in a vibrant team spirit.