Our purpose

A new standard of care

Our vision is to establish a new standard of care, allowing everyone to access the benefits of robotic surgery for minimally invasive care.

Removing the complexity out of robotic surgery

Our mission is to remove the complexity out of robotic surgery in order to fast track its widespread adoption in minimally invasive surgical care. To achieve this, we have developed a surgical robot called Dexter that integrates seamlessly and without compromise into existing laparoscopic procedures to provide sought-after simplicity and versatility.

A paradigm shift in robotic surgery

Distalmotion is an international company founded and based in Lausanne, Switzerland that serves as a trusted partner to hospitals and clinics worldwide by providing a reliable and precise robotic surgery system called Dexter that integrates into existing laparoscopic workflows seamlessly and without compromise; designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, priced at transparent and fair per-procedure cost.




Dexter integrates seamlessly into existing laparoscopic workflows, without compromising precision and safety. Dexter offers sought-after simplicity and versatility, and lets surgeons operate via an open console that allows them to readily communicate with their operating room teams, resulting in reduced cognitive and affective distance between teams; bringing surgeons back, closer to their patients and operating room teams.


Dexter systematically reduces the complexity in robotic surgery in order to make surgical robots more effective, versatile and straight forward to handle; integrating seamlessly into laparoscopic setups and alleviating unnecessary pressures posed on nurses with user-friendly training and maintenance requirements. Dexter’s open console and platform design empowers operating room teams to work more collaboratively and efficiently towards producing optimal outcomes for patients.


Distalmotion makes sense of robotic surgery by providing technology that is purpose led and functional by design. A major positive externality of lean product design and reduced complexity is a significant reduction in overall costs. Distalmotion’s Dexter is available via an innovative, pay-per-use rental model that foregoes large lump sum investment costs. This combination of innovative design and pricing will often allow for more than one robot per department or institution.


Dexter combines cutting-edge robotic technology and precise Swiss engineering to bring together the best of the laparoscopic and robotic world in order to produce optimal outcomes for patients. Distalmotion is an international company founded and based in Switzerland that serves as a trusted partner to hospitals and clinics worldwide, and is out to establish robotics as the global standard for minimally invasive care.

Biomedical Engineers

Distalmotion makes sense of robotic surgery by making surgical robots more versatile and enabling seamless integration with existing systems and processes, while also providing rapid, reliable and around-the-clock service. Distalmotion’s commitment to unwavering consulting, troubleshooting and maintenance services throughout the entire product lifecycle makes life easier for all Dexter-users.

Our Team

Dexter stands for a paradigm shift in robotic surgery whereby the technological frontier in surgical robotics is made to fit and serve all needs. Founded and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Distalmotion stands for reliable Swiss engineering and the forefront of innovation in the field of robotics. Dexter is developed and manufactured by leading researchers, designers, and engineers in Switzerland. The team behind Dexter is as innovative and versatile as the robot itself, grounded in a firm set of values and thriving in a vibrant team spirit.

Affordability without compromise