State-of-the-Art Training Curriculum

Where innovation meets proficiency, transforming surgeons into leaders in their field.

Created in collaboration with expert teaching centers and clinicians, Dexter Academy empowers surgical teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the best care to their patients.

Our program offers a comprehensive yet streamlined approach to help surgical teams reach Dexter proficiency. It equips surgeons and operating teams with the expertise to master Dexter use swiftly and effectively.

Dexter Academy

Competency Based Training

The competency based curriculum enables us to tailor the learning based on surgeon experience, shortening your learning curve.

Dexter Academy

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond training sessions, with dedicated clinical specialists providing hands-on support for the full surgical team in every case.

Dexter Academy
Fundamentals Training

The Dexter Academy Fundamentals Training includes e-learning modules allowing users to acquire knowledge about the Dexter system including its components, set up, functionality, and operating modes. 

The fundamentals training equips surgeons and surgical teams with comprehensive system knowledge to be better prepared for the hands on training sessions.

Dexter Academy
Simulator Training

During Simulator training, surgeons are immersed into a simulated surgical environment with Dexter. Within this environment, they cultivate essential handling and manipulation skills, enhancing their familiarity with Dexter. 

The simulator training equips surgeons with the manual dexterity and cognitive ability to confidently operate with Dexter.

Dexter Academy
Hands on Training for Surgeons

In our hands on surgeon training session, surgeons gain the essential knowledge and experience to safely and effectively execute every step of a procedure. With guidance from our expert trainers, surgeons navigate through various scenarios and use-cases during a simulated procedure. 

The hands-on sessions can take place in various locations including the IRCAD Institute, SITEM, and ORSI Academy.

Dexter Academy
Hands on Training for Nurses

During our hands on nurse training session, nurses acquire the necessary knowledge required for the smooth integration of Dexter within their hospital setting. This includes guidance on set up around the patient, maneuvering the system effectively, proper draping techniques, and instrument handling.

Our training emphasizes collaborative preparation for the full surgical team to optimize readiness for the procedure.