Dexter Series E: $90M to Make Sense of Robotic Surgery

January 26, 2022

Distalmotion, Revival Healthcare Capital and 415 CAPITAL announce the closing of a USD 90 million Series E financing round to accelerate the adoption of Distalmotion’s surgical robot Dexter. The investment follows Dexter’s successful initial clinical use and supports Distalmotion’s international commercial scaling.

More than capital: A partnership of medtech pioneers and company-builders. 

This latest financing will support the global commercialization of Dexter, the novel surgical robot for laparoscopic surgeons. Revival Healthcare Capital (Revival) led the round and was joined by 415 CAPITAL, as well as existing investors.

Hands-on people: Rolling back the sleeves to get things done, together.

In addition to financial backing, Revival will contribute hands-on leadership as Distalmotion gears up for growth. Leading European hospitals are spearheading the development of procedure guidelines and training protocols for robotic surgery with Dexter and the company will also work closely with the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a US submission supported by the financing.

Michael Friedrich, CEO of Distalmotion, and Rick Anderson, Chairman of Distalmotion, see their teams working together – as one team – to roll-out Dexter globally.

Master collaborators with an enabling platform for a people led service organization.

Purpose driven with the surgeon at the center of our universe.

Dexter shifts the paradigm by bringing the surgeon back into the sterile field, allowing direct patient access at all times and integrating proven laparoscopic workflows into the robotic setup. Dexter makes the best surgical tools available and accessible on-demand. This novel, user-centric approach makes the surgeon the focal point of the procedure and reduces complexity, thereby making robotics more accessible and affordable.

The surgeon’s robot with a new approach for best-in-class care at scale.

In an increasingly noisy robotics space, Rick Anderson would like to see a differentiated approach, focused on the end-user, with a robot designed to work the way surgeons and OR teams work – as opposed to surgeons adapting their delivery of care to the robot.

“The market is overdue for a fundamentally new approach to robotic surgery, where the mindset needs to be about ‘the surgeon’s robot,’ not molding ‘the robot’s surgeon,’” says Rick, and adds: “We are excited to deliver this powerful value proposition to surgeons, OR teams, and patients worldwide.”

Establishing on-demand robotic surgery, where surgeons are in full control.

An agnostic, open platform because focus matters to progress surgery.

Michael Friedrich summarizes: “Making sense of robotic surgery means focusing on the core clinical benefits of robotics to establish a new standard of care, where all patients in general surgery, gynecology and urology have access to best-in-class, minimally invasive surgery. Dexter’s mission and Distalmotion’s vision are truly global. Dexter is designed to address significant unmet need worldwide.”


Find below more information about this milestone en route to a new, empowering clinical reality for surgeons – including commentary from Prof. Dieter Hahnloser who heads colorectal surgery at Lausanne University Hospital and performed the worldwide first general surgery procedure with Dexter in 2021. 

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