Useful by design


Dexter is a lean product that couples the precision of robotic surgery with the reliability of Swiss engineering; versatile, quick to setup and with a low footprint, giving operating teams comprehensive access to the patient.

Dexter’s DNA is that of purpose-oriented and open system robotics technology, designed to reduce the complexity in robotic surgery and able to integrate seamlessly with all existing laparoscopic setups and workflows.

iF Product Design Award
2020 iF Design Award Laureate

Red Dot Design Award
2020 Red Dot Award Laureate

Fully articulated single-use instruments


Robotic surgery makes most sense for long and complex surgical tasks like suturing and dissection. Dexter features fully articulated, single-use 8 mm instruments for suturing and dissection, providing a standard line-up of mono- and bipolar instruments. Short and specialized tasks tend to be performed more efficiently using advanced, clinically proven, laparoscopic processes and instruments such as clip appliers and staplers.

Full robotic endoscope control

Endoscope controlled via surgeon console

Dexter comes with an integrated robotic endoscope holder that is compatible with all 5mm and 10mm laparoscopes. The endoscope arm is compatible with Dexter’s patient carts and controlled via the surgeon console. Dexter’s endoscope arm can be mounted on a cart or clipped to the bed-rail for minimum footprint.

Ergonomic design

An ergonomic console to elongate surgeons’ careers

Laparoscopic surgery often forces surgeons into exhausting posture, often for many hours during surgery. A key benefit of robotic aid is alleviating physical strain and enabling surgeons to operate in an ergonomic posture, particularly through long and complex surgical tasks. This can contribute to elongating surgeons’ careers. Dexter’s mobile, adaptable, open console supports optimal ergonomic posture, gives surgeons the choice to operate the robot in a seated or standing position and allows surgeons to readily switch between laparoscopy and robotic surgery.


Future proof and innovation friendly

A modular platform that supports all instruments and innovation

Dexter allows operating teams to switch between laparoscopic and robotic surgery at any time during surgery. By design, Dexter is as an open platform that is compatible with all laparoscopic technology and enables access to all instruments. The surgeon being sterile around the patient, Dexter ensures that the best procedure can be performed for the patient at any point in time – whether this involves stapling, vessel sealing or any other process and technology. This does not only hold true today; Dexter’s open platform ensures ready access to future technologies. Operating room teams will not have to wait for their robotics provider to integrate new technology right away.


Different surgeons prefer different instruments and imaging systems – each for good reasons. There are many differences in laparoscopic imaging systems, and new technology is evolving continuously. Thus, Dexter embodies a modular and open platform approach. Dexter can be used with any 3D commercial laparoscopic tower and is designed to be able to integrate future imaging technology.

The world's first and only sterile robotic console

Dexter surgeons remain sterile while operating from the robotic console. This allows them to readily switch between robotic and laparoscopic access to the patient. The Dexter surgeon console is optimized for ergonomic use in a seated and standing position.

Robotics with a laparoscopic feel

Dexter’s robotic arms are designed to provide ample working space for the assistant surgeon at bedside. Dexter integrates seamlessly into any laparoscopic setup, preserving established laparoscopic work flows and trocar positions.